The Most Advanced New Car Future

Armed with the invention of the latest technology, the concept of the future car can finally be realized after a long-awaited by automotive lovers. Aeromobiles as a flying car, Autonomos driving as a self-sustaining cool car and powerful nuclear-powered automobiles are just some of the examples of automotive technological advances that have created 15 of the world's most advanced future cars.
Aeromobil, First Flying Car First with High Air Cruising Capability
Aeromobil became one of the new technological breakthroughs in the automotive world that successfully created the "latest flying car" with a high cruising capability of 420 miles. Produced by a Slovakian car company.
Aeromobiles use only premium gasoline. But the matter of speed is incredible. It can go on the highway to 100 miles / hour and when flying in the air capable of speeding at 124 miles per hour with a maximum height limit of 9800 feet. friend, then what about the way landing and take off it?

It only takes a straight road along the 228 meters and to make landfall after flying this car is not inconvenient and does not have to have a runway flight. Grass field alone with a height of 50 meters Aeromobil can land smoothly. Steady pisan well! If we invite our boyfriend, surely doi can be tacky while jingkrak-jingkrakan hahaaha.
New Sophisticated Cars Without Machine and Without Dental Transmission
Convenience and multi-faceted facilities become the main goal of automotive manufacturers to pamper all its customers. Through Junming Wang, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory at Ohio State. He managed to find a new concept car dreams of the future without complicated.
That is not using the machine and the gear change (transmission) altogether. Overview of cars that are named Extra Terrestial Vehicle or ETV is similar to Performance owned by Car Matic, but the difference is certainly very clear. This car is entirely devoid of engines, and there are only three steering components namely the gas pedal, brakes and steering wheel.

For its own propulsion, each rim equipped with its own motor battery, as a replacement for the engine and the car also features a computer chip to monitor the working function of the wheel to continue to ensure the car runs smoothly.

This chip will function automatically after getting a signal from the driver's movement through the steering wheel and gas pedal. And he will record speed activity as well as analyze car data every 100 times per second.

Solar Car
Future car development using solar power called Solar Car or solar power is a replacement solution to reduce the use of fuel oil that is likely to be exhausted or extinct.
How to operate this solar powered car is not too complicated, ie absorbing the hot sun and then the heat generated in the solar cell will be delivered / diverted to a Battery Control Regulator (BRC) coil. And to outsmart / increase the power flow, usually also included batteries. Then the power that has been generated will be processed through a power inverter in order to convert AC power into DC.

Some examples of the latest automotive technologies that have succeeded in creating solar-powered cars are DUEM Cars, Durham University Electric Motorsport made by Durham University in the UK, C-MAX Solar Energy Concept Car manufactured by Ford Motor Car United States.

And solar powered car Widya Wahana V student creation Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya Indonesia. Wow amazingly not, our country boy also managed to create "car of the future of Indonesia".
Unfortunately the concept of this solar car also has drawbacks, especially the limitations of users in the rainy season and at night, which obviously can not get energy from the sun. For that sophisticated car is always done its development so far in order to solve the solution.
Nuclear Powered Car
Nuclear is not always a frightening specter. Who would have thought if the substances of mass destruction are of great use other than their use is known as a dangerous weapon. Power plants, medical, agricultural, industrial and automotive fields also use them in developing their latest technology.

One example is a nuclear-powered car manufactured by an American company. They have long been known to be involved in the radioactive transportation business, Laser Power Systems (LPS).
By using a thorium substance that is a chemical compound that has solid energy and is a fractional element of the Nuclear.
Only by using the 8 grams of the blob, this powerful nuclear-powered car can be used without fuel at all for 100 years of its duration. It is not known exactly when this future means of transportation can be realized. Because they still continue to develop their inventions until now.
Toyota's Future Car
The latest innovations in automotive technology always strive to create the latest "advanced car" of the future that is much more effective, low-calorie, environmentally friendly as well as the best performance and fuel economy. Like a breakthrough step taken by a Toyota manufacturer. He also once made the design of Toyota's "future car" first.

Named Toyota Nori a futuristic car made of chassis and body fused alias can not be separated at all. Indeed, this car itself does not have sophistication like to fly or walk alone. But at least with this simple design, Toyota Nori will excel as the most economical future car because it does not use too much material ... Heem
Honda Cadillac Aera
The design of the future car is incomplete if it is not supported by the appearance of luxury and glamor. It was for this reason that General Motors Advanced Design California of Honda division created a super cool futuristic car. Carrying a very lightweight frame design with aerodynamic concept and fuel-saving.

mobil canggih masa depan

Although looks tepos, sorry I mean thin, but about the power of no doubt. This car frame material is able to withstand harsh collisions supported by anti-shock air space to keep passengers safe from accidents.
Not only that, Cadillac Aera car has also been implanted advanced technology called Pneumatic Drive System, which is a kind of advanced kitchen spur system that implemantasinya can compress air as efficient as possible, staying digadang he can travel more than 1609 kilometers.

Chevrolet Electric Car EN-V
The automobile industry cooperation between General Motors with Segway and SAIC has finally paid off with the world's coolest electric car. Named Chevrolet EN-V, the presence of this futuristic car is considered a solution to the ever-increasing traffic congestion on urban highways.

Lightweight and very small but for aerodynamic problems and stability is perfect in its class. And as an environmentally friendly vehicle, the Chevrolet EN-V only uses portable power that is embedded in each wheel. Interested to have it?

Cool Car Modification Changed Colors
Rene Turrek is a man who works as a professional graffiti design expert. But who would have thought the skill that he had turned out to create a cool car modification that can change color. Using a special type of thermochromic paint, Rene Turrek flush (paint) the entire body of the car.

Next will depict a graffiti image. Surely you are made to look amazed to see it. Initially this car is just plain color but when we water it with hot water or cold water, the graffiti image will appear. Really cool anyway!
Plus the example of a car modified by Rene Turrek is a sports car Lambrorghini Gallardo and BMW X6. Want to see the video show? You can see in my previous articles.
Car Without Driver F 015 Luxury in Motion
Luxurious and prestigious impression when we first saw the picture of the future car of the latest output of this Mercedes Benz. Not only look luxurious on the exterior, Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion also implements the features of the most advanced technology that is self driving cars, a car that can run alone without having to be driven by the driver.
We simply control the future of this advanced car by using a touch screen that is integrated with advanced technology such as eye-tracking and gesture contained in the panel Dahsboardnya, then we can relax while sleeping or playing games.
As for all future futuristic cars are already using plastic materials mixed with carbon fiber and merged with aluminum plate, making body resistance is very ri
ngan but much more resilient than the body of a car made of iron in general.

The coolest and make us add drool, all the doors of Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion can be opened up to 90 degrees not wear celcius, wuihh just bener deh mang style, guaranteed girls possessed if you see this cool car hehehe.
For any security feature problem they have equip protection system like water bag, but this jau more sophisticated. The airbag will protect, more precisely wrap the body of the driver and its passengers in case of an accident incident.
You want to know more about any sophisticated cars that can walk alone without a driver, you can see in my previous article 9 Sophisticated Cars that Can Walk Yourself
SKODA ShadeChange, Automatic Color Car Replace Technology
Skoda Shade Change is not like the color change modification I mentioned above, but it is the latest technology that can change the car's color automatically.
Produced by Czech car manufacturer Skoda, a subsidiary of the Volkswalgen Group. With the Fabia car series, All New Fabia Hatch and Estate, a revolutionary breakthrough is able to change the color of the car as desired by the owner.

For color change is almost comprehensive from body color, bumper, roof, hood to car wheels. The sophistication of this color changeable paint is made of nobtainum miscroscopic material.
Only with low-powered electricity that is connected to the panel dahsboard that is in front of the bench driver, in an instant the car can change color. Miraculous is not it?
Reportedly, the process of making this latest dream car is still waiting for the finalization of the making, reportedly sales of Skoda ShadeChange car unit will be sold around 10,600 pounds or 217 million dollars, and even then for the cheapest type of car.
New BMW Vision Next 100 Car
Carrying the slogan Sophisticated and Ultra Futuristic Self Driving is a concept car of today's BMW is worth considering in future car innovation. The German car manufacturer managed to create the concept of the latest BMW Vision Next 100 car as a vehicle of the future. What are the advanced features found on BMW Vision Next 100 this?
The first car is equipped with autonomous driving feature (auto pilot) where this car can run alone without the driver, the second is already using super 3-dimensional flexible body.

Where the privilege of this car from the bumper, driver's door, tire wheels to iron framework can be flexible and cool curve when used to walk was not visible where the tire is going.
One more good news that BMW Vision Next 100 new car is ready for sale freely in mid-2017, but unfortunately still fairly expensive price of this future car. Not to mention counted very available, market sales only exist in some countries just like England, China and the United States. Either when this dream car of the future can enter Indonesia.
Latest Electric Car made by Kia
One more output "latest electric car" is spawn by Kia. As a car manufacturer that cares about the environmental impact of global warning hazards, Kia also plans to reduce the use of fuel. For that they make the latest innovations in their future electric car technology.

Through Kia Pop products, this car is able to cover a distance of 160 km in just 1 time charging the battery only (charge). Incredible is not it? No need to linger and repeatedly Cas battery and our money became more efficient because it does not have to buy gasoline.
Imagine if you have this small electric-powered car. The rest of the petrol money can be used for your girlfriend tractor to eat dumplings, pity it is also every nge-Date just bought tea bottle doang hehehe.
Toyota iRoad Small Car
Apparently, future vehicles can be predicted most of the use of small cars so many people's favorite. Perhaps this is one effective effort to reduce traffic congestion that is also done by Toyota automotive companies.

Through the design of their future car named Toyota iRoad, is devoted to a busy road traffic conditions and solid. Larger than the size of the motor, but a car that only fit for 2 people is much safer to use than motorcycle use.
And many other conveniences, especially for parking problems, and if we have a house that is in the narrow alleys, this small Toyota car is highly recommended.

BMW Gina
Beautiful car brand from the latest BWM series that is Gina, Hayoo so remember your ex yah? BMW Gina is a future sports car design that has been successful and ready for sale. But not known for sure, when this cool car can be produced massively to be marketed to the public.

In various automotive exhibitions, this car is very often on display for its stunning appearance. Using unique materials, such as aluminum, and carbon fiber.
You must be amazed at the sophistication of this BMW Gina, he can bend his body until the car chassis. And not only that from the driver's door to the hood can also bend automatically as if it looks torn. Mantab pisan is not it?
Mercedes Benz Biome Concept
Friends, this is the concept of sophisticated cars of the future that became the last dream. As if do not want to miss with BMW competitors who are both known as top luxury car. Mercedes was finally issued the latest car technology.

kendaraan masa depan

This legendary German manufacturer managed to create a Mercedes Benz Biome that pinned the advanced engine kemesahiran from Supercar Mclaren P1. But of course the body design is adjusted for everyday use is not similar at all like the appearance of a formula racing car, more close to the NASCAR supercar design.
Uniquely, this sophisticated car is also claimed to use recycled materials, but about the quality is not less cool with fiber materials. These future car images were obtained during the exhibition at the Los Angeles Design Challenge.