The Best Way to Choose Hosting

How to Choose Hosting

Ever disappointed with your preferred web hosting? or is it still confused determining the hosting for your new site?
If you are one of them, then I advise you to immediately read this article about tips and how to choose a good hosting, right and right.

I will explain it completely for you.

There are many complaints I get on the internet about their disappointment and confusion in determining which hosting can meet their expectations.

People say, choosing hosting is easy-easy hard.

That is, easy for those who already understand how and hard for those who still lay and do not understand at all.

😀 Yes yes ..

In principle, choosing a good web hosting is MUST done when you plan on building a personal website or even your business web.
So be careful before doing it.

Because, the hosting you choose will determine the fate of the site in the future. Although in the end can move hosting if it does not fit, but it is very time-consuming and harmful (complicated)

Many hosting providers offer so many advantages and they claim to be the best.

Obviously, they sell the point. Surely they offer a good thing to be able to capture customers. And that's fine while there is no lie in it.

The lie is also there ya 😀

You are the holder of complete control. You should be able to determine which hosting can meet your criteria and expectations.

Some of the things below are what you should consider when planning to rent hosting.

The Best Way to Choose Hosting

How to Choose the Right and Qualified Hosting

1. Specification of hosting required

The first thing you should do when choosing a web host is to understand the spec you need. Remember, what is your goal to create a website?

Just to learn, just as a personal blog only or indeed more than just that. You want a professional blog that can generate income in the long term.

If your goal is just to learn, then you do not need an expensive hosting with large data capacity. You can choose the hosting with the cheapest package. even if later in the middle of the road you change your mind, then just upgrade to a better hosting. That's easy to do.

Well, first identify your goal to create a website, then adjust to your hosting needs.

2. Looking for referrals

Once you know your hosting needs as described in the earlier part, then it's time you try to find some refrensi to better convince you in choosing the best hosting service.

Maybe you can ask some friends or friends about hosting reffs. Or directly to a more competent person in the field of hosting. Listen to what they recommend.


3. Pay attention to the quality and features of the hosting

Looks like you should find out for yourself by taking a look at some of the recommended hosting features earlier. Consider the following points below:

a. Uptime score and server reliability

You must choose a good server that is always up and running with the internet connection from the server or the selected hosting is also in good condition. The recommended value is 99.5% and above. Below 99% is not recommended.

There is a way to see the rating of a web hosting by using tool to monitor your website whether always On or not.

b. Bandwidth

Next way to choose a hosting is to pay attention to the bandwidth set by the hosting provider.

Bandwidth is the limit of data access owned by a hosting server.
When a server reaches a bandwidth limit, then the following server will not be able to access the website alias down.

Of course this kind of thing is highly undesirable to all website owners. Server down means doomsday for site owners. Due to such incidents, visitors will be disappointed and leave for not being able to access your web.

The impact is direct to the traffic.

Therefore, the selection of the right hosting with a suitable package should be very early on.

Based on my experience, the downtime on the server is often because of the volume of visitors to your website overload. Or it could also happen because a lot of stored files or large images that spend the bandwidth data earlier.

The solution, look for hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth (no limit)

c. Server location

The location of the hosting provider server you want to select should be your concern before you buy it. Make sure the server location is around your targeted web visitors.

For example, your target visitor majority is Indonesian then it would be better if the server location is in Indonesia or at least in Singapore.

That's ideal.

Even for Singapore server is highly recommended, because their server is believed to have better stability and speed than local server.

d. Multi add on domain

It's not impossible, one moment to the next your mind changes. If initially only minded to create personal blogs but suddenly you are interested to create a professional blog that can generate income money.

And that's very possible.

Of course, the use of the domain becomes one that you need to pay attention to. Imagine adding to your site means adding your domain name.

Even some people can manage multiple domains in one hosting. Therefore, pay attention to the hosting you choose, whether support multi add on domain or not.

Should still now almost all hosting providers have this support. In some specific packages usually the average webhosting will limit up to 25 domains but there are some of them are also unlimited add on domains as well.

So your task is to immediately find out about the add on this domain service on the hosting place that you will choose.

e. Script support

The script I mean is a useful tool or tool to make managing your website easier. Usually the hosting provider will notify you in the promotion of what scripts are obtained from the hosting package you choose.

This script can be a hosting panel script, such as cPanel, Webuzo, OpenVZ; auto-installer scripts, such as Softaculous, cPanel, or Webuzo; security scripts, such as anti-spam, anti-DDOS; php script, such as php 5.3, php 5.4, php 5.5, php 5.6, and php 7.

Many people do not pay attention to this, especially those who are still really beginners in managing the website.

In my opinion, in choosing a hosting provider, please find a provider that provides Softaculous and cPanel scripts. This is very important.

Imagine, if without this script the hosting service users will have difficulty in managing the hosting they have.

For example, without Softaculous, you must install WordPress manually, starting from database settings, config files, and everything is done manually.

This will be very time consuming, even impressed complicated.

With Softaculous everything is much easier. You just need a matter of minutes to do it.

This is your next task before choosing a hosting.

g. Upgrade options

As explained at the beginning point, about the changing of your mind in choosing the hosting package. When you decide to pick up a student or personal hosting package but in the middle of the way you think differently and want to change it to a business package, make sure that the upgrade option is available on that hosting service.

Do not make you hard in the future just to move the new hosting place again.

As for things that could affect the desire of this hosting upgrade is due to the volume of traffic. You may never imagine if your site visitors continue to grow from day to day, month after month. So this condition forces you to immediately increase the bandwidth by way of upgrades.