Best Car Insurance

Owning a car is everyone's dream. Cars that we have of course must always be maintained to be ridden safely and comfortably. But the danger of accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. That's why we need car insurance, so no need to worry about an accident. There are so many vehicle insurance providers who are ready to provide the best service with competitive premium rates and a variety of attractive insurance services.

There are many benefits that we get if we follow the car insurance, such as avoidance of losses during accidents and losses when the car is stolen. To get the service of course we have to pay monthly fee according to insurance service that we follow. In line there are several types of vehicle assurance that we can choose, including car insurance TLO (Total Lost Only), All Risk car insurance, and insurance combinations that combine All Risk and TLO.

Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance is an insurance that guarantees when the vehicle is lost and stolen with damage value equal to or more than 75 percent of the current vehicle price. So if the car damage less than 75% of the total price of the vehicle before the damage occurs, then the filing of insurance claims that we do will be rejected. For example if the price of the car we have 100 Million and the cost of damage reached 80 Million, then the cost of repairs can be delegated to the insurer. However, if the cost of repair is only 60 Million, then we can not make insurance claims.

Best Car Insurance

Then for All Risk or Comprehensive car insurance will provide full protection and financing when our car is damaged big or small. One of the best car insurance services also provide protection when the car lost stolen, but with certain conditions. Unfortunately the cost of premiums deferred each month is greater than the TLO insurance. Well for my friend who is interested in following the insurance and confused to find the best car insurance provider in Indonesia, please select one of them below.

1. Jasaraharja Putera
Everyone must have heard Jasaraharja name, because this insurance service is very familiar with accident insurance when we ride public transportation, like bus, train, or plane. In addition, they also become one of the best car insurance providers in Indonesia by presenting services JP-ASTOR (Motor Vehicle Insurance). There are two scope of accountability given by JP-ASTOR, TLO and All Risk. Everything has a premium cost that is considered cheaper than other insurance companies, so no one if we call the best car insurance in Indonesia.

2. Sinar Mas Car Insurance
The next best car insurance is owned by Sinarmas with a superior product called Simasnet. Our advantage to follow Simasnet insurance is to make a claim directly to the authorized workshop in case of damage to the car that we insure. In addition, there is also a 0% installment for BCA credit card holders and 24 Hours service to all Simasnet customers. In addition, Sinarmas also provides car insurance services consisting of Simas Car (Comprehensive) + TPL, Total Loss Only + TPL, and Simas Mobil TPL (TPL Only).

3. Insurance Garda Oto
Garda Oto proved to be one of the best car insurance services in Indonesia. Because in 2013, Garda Oto won the title as the best car insurance by one of the agencies in Indonesia. Until this time Garda Oto continues to provide the best service by presenting various types of car insurance, such as All Risk, TLO, third party responsibility, and expansion of riots and natural disasters. In addition, the OTO Guard is also recognized by OJK (Financial Services Authority), so we need not be afraid to choose Garda Oto as the best car insurance for our own.

4. Allianz Utama Insurance Indonesia
Allianz is a world-renowned insurance provider. In Indonesia they have Allianz MobilKu Insurance products that provide three comprehensive packages that we can choose as needed. The first package is the Allianz MobilKu Grand which provides the most complete vehicle protection solution for damage or theft. Then there is Allianz MobilKu ECO which offers more economical premium cost and last is Allianz MobilKu Suka-suka which provides insurance package according to our choice and wishes.

5. Insurance Adira (Autocilin Auto Insurance)
In addition to providing financial services in the form of motorcycle or car loans, Adira also has the best car insurance plan they named "Autocilin Auto Insurance". Car insurance provided Adira no doubt, because we will get the best service when there is damage to the car we have. I myself have proved it, and proved insurance claims take place very easily, according to the type of insurance we have.

6. AXA Auto Insurance
AXA Auto Insurance provides superior insurance products named Smartdrive. This insurance service will provide guarantees against lost vehicle keys and protection against total loss when a car accident or stolen by a private driver. In addition, we will also gain legal liability from third parties and share other benefits. As a result of the best car insurance from Axa will provide a sense of security and comfort to all its customers.

7. ACA Automate Insurance
The best car insurance in Indonesia is ACA Otomate. What's interesting about this car insurance is to provide a replacement car service that keeps us on the move when the car is being repaired in the workshop. In addition, also available Road Side Assistance facilities that will help repair damage to the car directly in the location. Unfortunately, the ACA Otomate network is only valid in Jabotabek, Bandung, Semarang and Sukabumi areas.

Before choosing one of them, make sure you know all the services provided and do not be tempted by a low premium rate. Better buddy to compare first the insurance program offered by each insurance company above, because each company has a different program. Do not forget to consider also the facilities that will my friend get, such as towing service, call center, etc ..