10 Tips for Choosing a Good Health Insurance

10 Tips for Choosing a Good Health Insurance

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As an employee, you should prepare yourself with health insurance. Why? First, the cost of treatment is getting more and more and the disease can come anytime.

Second, health insurance will provide financial security when you are sick or have an accident.

Thus, the cost of treatment at the hospital will be borne by the insurance company in accordance with the contents of the agreement listed in the policy.
Well, from the many health insurance products in circulation right now, which one should you choose?

If you are still confused, here are 10 tips that will help you choose a good health insurance.

1. Understand the types of health insurance products

Broadly speaking there are two types of products offered by health insurance companies, namely hospital benefits and hospital cash plan.

Hospital benefit insurance products provide detailed reimbursement for the various expenses we incur during hospitalization.

The claim system used is cashless or non-reimbursement; usually medical treatment in hospital is done by swiping health insurance card.

Meanwhile, the hospital cash plan is a type of insurance product that provides a replacement on a certain amount (nominal) in accordance with the agreement at the beginning of the contract.

For example, Rp 500,000 per day when customers are treated in hospital, regardless of how much the customer actually costs.

The claim system is reimbursement, ie the customer pays the medical fee in advance which will be replaced by the insurance company after filling the form submission of reimbursement.

2. Adjust to your needs

Various health insurance products often make you confused so you can choose the wrong health insurance and less appropriate to your needs.

To prevent this, understand your needs and medical history. After that, select the appropriate health insurance and will ease your financial burden and family.

Eko Endarto, financial planner from Finansia Consulting advise, we recommend that you collect in advance about what kind of service is desired and that is in accordance with your budget.

For example, you collect data about hospital treatment costs and facilities (eg VIP class with doctor visit Rp 250,000 and other facilities).

After collecting all the data you will find the new health insurance that fits your needs.

3. Know the benefits you will get

Before choosing a health insurance, know the benefits you will get.

For example, these benefits are a guarantee of the availability of funds needed to finance your health needs and the family as a customer. Thus, you no longer need to worry about health costs.

Simply claim and show authentic evidence such as receipt of payment then the insurance company will pay the medical expenses at the hospital.

Another benefit is you will manage finances well because you have to pay a premium each month.

In other words, you should set aside salaries as employees for premium payments as a reserve fund for your health.

4. Know the hospitals that work together and the type of treatment

In choosing health insurance, you need to know which hospital can accept claims from the insurance company.

We recommend that you select an insurance company that can accept claims from all hospitals or from hospitals that can be easily or conveniently accessed from your residence.

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Make sure you know which hospital works with the insurance company you choose and the type of treatment.

In general, there are two types of care offered by health insurance companies that are out-patient (out-patient) and in-patient (in-patient).

There are also insurance companies that bear the costs of childbirth and dental care.

5. Choose a premium that suits your financial condition

Cheap premiums and complete dependents are the dreams of health insurance customers.

However, the thing you need to know is the more complete coverage provided by an insurance company, the higher the premium you have to pay.

If you want to prepare your health fund, choose an insurance that will not strangle your finances.

Do not let you ignore the health of today because the basic needs are not fulfilled due to pay a high premium.

Therefore, choose a health insurance premium with your finances. For example, you pay a health insurance premium of 10% of your salary.

6. See the credibility of insurance companies

Insurance is a long term product. Because of its long-term nature, you should choose a credible insurance company.

The easy way is to see their experience in handling health insurance services and claiming processes.

Do not be tempted and quickly trust the cheap premiums offered with the benefits as well as the complete type of treatment.

Each insurance company has different types of care and premiums for its customers with different coverage details. All information is listed in your policy, so read it carefully.

7. Examine the ease of claim

Many customers feel cheated because they have to pay for the initial medical expenses. In this case, they actually take out insurance products with reimbursement system.

Well, lest you become a customer who feels aggrieved. Be aware of the ease of the health insurance claim system you will choose.

There are basically two types of claims system that is cashless and reimbursement. In a cashless or non-reimbursement system usually hospital treatment payments are made by swiping health insurance cards.

While in the reimbursement system, health insurance customers are required to pay in advance all medical expenses incurred.

Only then billed to the health insurance company by attaching receipt of payment from the hospital.

8. Compare with insurance products from other companies

The growing number of insurance companies offering various health care products and benefits, should make you have more choices.

Do not just stick to one insurance company only. You should seek information about other insurance companies and compare their insurance products.

Things you should consider in comparing the product of the assurances include:

monthly premium
type of health care
claim system
provider or hospital that works
other benefits offered by health insurance companies

9. Avoid taking insurance through tele-marketing

Insurance agents that do recruitment to customers are generally done by face to face directly.

However, there are also insurance agents who contact prospective customers by phone or tele-marketing. Due to the short duration of time, insurance products can not be explained in detail.

You should reflect on, analyze. and look for more information, before deciding to take the offer.

If you have already become a customer and want to terminate the contract, usually the premium collected can not be refunded.

Remember, if you do not carefully choose today, you will lose money tomorrow. So ask a few days to think about it, before you decide.

10. Choose pure health insurance

If you need complete health insurance benefits but have a limited budget, you should have pure, stand-alone health insurance.

Pure health insurance premiums are relatively lower than insurance plus investment. This is because pure health insurance funds will not be used for investment purposes.

Choosing a good health insurance needs special strategies and should not be done in a hurry.

Try the ten tips above so you get a health insurance that fits your needs and financial condition.

If necessary, ask for advice from your financial planner so that your choices are even better.